Morning Poems (2023)

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Morning Poems is a chapbook collection of 19 poems written in the twilight spill between sleep and wakefulness. Quickly sketched immediately at the point of waking, only to be reviewed and revised weeks later, Morning Poems lingers where thoughts and dreams flow together. In its poems, abstract landscapes, mysterious allegory, and atmospheres of unbodied love encounter one another.

More of a window into primordial poetics than jungian dream analysis, Morning Poems engages the rupture between the material and ephemeral world at the edge of consciousness. Morning Poems speaks an elemental language — of earth, air, fire, and water. The poems linger on feelings and images of geologic time, atmospheres, cycles, cataclysm, desire, and reverence for mystery.

Published by: San Press
Year: 2023
Editor: Jasmine Gui
Designed by: Abby Ho
Printer: Vide Press
Specs: 37 pages, 7x5in
Riso Inks: Hunter Green, Gold, Black

Thank you to writer and poet Trynne Delaney for their mentorship in editing the early manuscript of this chapbook.

Thank you to San Press for publishing Morning Poems. Publisher Jasmine Gui’s editorial eye helped refine the poems to their final form, and designer Abby Ho created a beautiful publication. Abby’s beautiful hand-cut paper sleeves accompany a limited edition of 25/100 copies.