Eye of Water (2023)

© Darian Razdar / 2023

Eye of Water is a poetry and photography collection created during field work in and around Syracuse, New York in July 2023. The collection explores landscapes of the artist’s home region as it relates to themes of memory, family, and ecology.

Poems and photos from the collection are published as an eight-panel fold-out zine (80 lbs 11x17 in matte finish paper). The zine features a collage of 100+ overlapping map segments of Syracuse, NY and neighbouring regions where the artist conducted field work.

Eye of Water, alongside adjacent research reflections, is available in a series of posts on the artist’s Substack:
- Painting with the Camera, Sounding with the Pen (20 July, 2023)
- The Ground is Full of Ghosts (28 August, 2023)
- A Brief (Personal) History of Onondaga Lake (10 September, 2023)
- Source Waters in Home Lands (13 September, 2023)

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Stockists: Quimby’s Chicago.

Scanned images of Eye of Water available below.