Idle Nature Bedsheets

© Darian Razdar / 2023. Creative Direction: Melana Hammoud & Darian Razdar. Models: Shima, Kaelin, Sully, Kiah, Sara.

Idle Nature is a collection of hand-dyed cotton bedsheets inspired by the colors and patterns of nature & the pleasure of time spent dreaming and lounging in bed. Created through an aleatory method of releasing pigment onto primed fabric, the collection privelges play, chance, and the exchange between artist, dye, and fibre. 

Complete queen-size bedsets — including duvet cover, top sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases — are available in six ambient colorways. Additional pillowcase pairs are available in six additional colorways.

Each textile one of a kind and dyed in the artist’s Toronto studio. Comissions for custom dyed sheets, curtains, garments are available upon request to

Click here to view twelve distinct colorways and order bedsheets.