Curriculum Vitae


2018 - 2020

2014 - 2018
MSc Planning | University of Toronto - Department of Geography & Planning 

BA Social Theory & Practice and French & Francophone Studies (highest honors with distinction) | University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


November 2023

December 2022
Morning Poems (San Press)

COUNTER-MAP: A Poetics of Place (Reflex Urbanism)

Published Literary Work (poems & stories)

August 2023

May 2023

June 2021

March 2021

February 2021

January 202

Void (The Blasted Tree)

Nest (Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, 20:1) 

rāz dār am (self published zine)

LAID BARE (Toronto Int’l Festival of Authors)

A Mourner’s Lesson on Living (QT Literary Magazine)

Tense III: Nightwalkers (from Light in Three Tenses) (QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK)

Published Essays and Criticism (articles & chapters)

May 2023

February 2023

September 2022

September 2020

May 2019
The Question of Planning: Transformation, Abolition and Queer Space (PM Press)

Infrastructure, landscape, modernism: the short films of Juan José Pereira (Pleasure Dome)

Sitting in the chair: a response to Noor Khan’s SABIREEN (The Asian Canadian Living Archive)

Vernacular Culture in the Social Economy: Zines, Queers, and Economic Democracy (The Progressive City)

Reinventing Segregation in Northern California: An Interview with Alex Schafran (Metropolitics)


February 2022

August 2021

May 2018
Indelible Discards (group) | Curated by Bunker 2 at XPACE

CUE Annual Art Show (group) | Curated by CUE Art Projects

Locating Belleville (solo) | Self-Curated at University of Michigan

Curatorial & Community Projects

April 2023

March 2023

September 2022

June - August 2022

April 2022

March 2022

March 2021

September 2020

September 2017 - May 2018
Programming Coordinator, Images Festival 

Selection Committee, Toronto Queer Film Festival

Collective Member, Bricks & Glitter

Events Coordinator, Images Festival

Organizer and Moderator, Place-Based Practices Roundtable

Selection Committee and Content Writer, Toronto Queer Film Festival

Selection Committee, Toronto Queer Film Festival

Collective Member, Bricks & Glitter

Collective Member, RADFUN


July 2022

April 2022

September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

September 2020

May 2019

May 2018
Poetics of Place,

Dyeing & Printing on Textiles (4 workshops), Textile Museum of Canada, University Settlement, Scadding Court Community Centre

Community Power Mapping, Tamil Archive Project

Community Power Mapping, Unit 2

Place-Making and Mapping Beyond Binaries, InterAccess Vector Festival

Community Power Mapping, Bricks & Glitter

Community Power Mapping, Unit 2

Locating Belleville: Curating Research, University of Michigan


November 2021

October 2020
Future of the Festival in Crisis (panel), Reel Asian

This Space: Lessons from the Landscape, ArtsPond

Grants & Awards

September 2022

April 2021

March 2021

December 2020

November 2019

April 2018
Professional Development for Artists, Canada Council for Arts

Career Catalyst, Ontario Arts Council

1st Prize, Power to the Poets Competition, Power Plant Gallery & Toronto Int’l Festival of Authors

Artists on the Margins Award, CUE Art Projects

Innovation Award, Planning Alumni Committee - University of Toronto

Cornerstone Award | Spectrum Centre - University of Michigan 

Residencies & Training

April - October 2023

September 2021 - December 2022

April 2021 - April 2022

June - August 2020
Poetics of Synthetic Language Residency, UKAI Projects (Toronto & Milan)

Virtual Grounds, Trinity Square Video & Digital Justice Lab (Toronto)

Next Up Leaders Lab, SKETCH Working Arts

DiasporAsian Futures, The Asian Canadian Archive Project